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We are pleased to announce our continued standing as a leader in the RMIS industry with the 2022 RMIS Report.

From an outlook on the risk market for 2022 to a deep dive into your options for RMIS solutions, the RMIS report concludes (like our own State of Risk Report) that, given the challenges facing risk management professionals across the industry, it is more important than ever to “level up” and make sure your organization squeezes the maxim value out of the technology supporting your program. 

In times of ongoing changes, consistency matters. Not only does Origami Risk continue to lead in NPS scores but we also have top scores in System Satisfaction and System Value for our 3rd consecutive year

This focus on delivering value isn’t new to us, and these scores reflect our continued effort in making sure our clients can move beyond checkbox exercises. Fill out the form to your right to get your issue of the 2022 RMIS Report and see how Origami Risk continues to lead the industry in RMIS solutions.

Fill out and submit the form and a copy of the report will open in a new tab of your browser.

Published annually by Redhand Advisors, the RMIS Report — the only independent review of RMIS technology available today — delivers critical information about vendor capabilities, available solutions, NPS (Net Promoter Scores), and more.