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Origami Risk surveyed nearly 300 risk, safety, compliance, and insurance professionals from more than 20 industries for the 2023 State of Risk report. Respondents, composed of a majority of C-level executives, confirmed a clear takeaway that emerged from the results of this year’s survey — risk programs are under increasing pressure to evolve. The report highlights how self-identified “Leaders” are much better able to integrate risk-related functions into a unified approach while “Laggards” are struggling with silos, fewer resources, and a lack of prioritization of risk programs within the enterprise.

The State of Risk report provides an analysis of the impact that increasingly complex, interconnected risks are having on risk-related functions, what changes risk programs are (and aren’t) making in response, and what the future holds for those trying to push their programs to reach the “next level”.

Additionally, the report contains practical discussions on:

  • Rethinking the insurance process in a highly dynamic risk environment
  • Ways “Laggards” can rejoin “Leaders” even with a lack of institutional support
  • How to unlock the hidden power in “pre-analyzed data”

This report contains must-read insights for risk professionals and provides needed context around a highly volatile year in risk.