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Written By: Zsolt Kemecsei

After months of user-centered design and development work, we are proud to announce the launch of Origami Mobile.

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Origami Mobile includes audits, inspections, and incident reporting and is available for iOS (iPad®/iPhone®) and Android devices.

Origami Mobile is built on a modern technology platform to enhance performance and was built side by side with our clients. The app makes it easy for users to report incidents and conduct audits, inspections, and observations on the go. And Origami Mobile is fully integrated with the Origami Risk web application, meaning that all of your risk and safety data is available in real-time for use in dashboards and reports.

Origami Mobile has an intuitive, easy-to-use interface.  We’ve included features such as favoriting, search, and filtering to help users easily find the right forms and quickly answer the questions they need to complete so they can streamline their tasks and get back to work.

ehs mobile
Origami Mobile includes intuitive search capabilities, including the ability to search for specific forms and questions.

Key features include:

  • Offline Mobile Access: Employees and contractors working in remote locations can fill out forms even when Wi-Fi is unavailable.
  • Photo Upload: Employees can capture and annotate photos directly within forms.
  • Simple, Secure Sign In: App users can log in to Origami Mobile with a username and password or with a code tied to a specific department, role, or location.
  • Standardized Checklists: Risk and safety professionals can capture real-time data they need to report on and assess risks and hazards. 
  • Voice-to-Text: To make data input more accessible, app users can capture information with hands-free entry.
  • Workflows and Automation:  Configure email and SMS notifications, corrective actions, and incident investigations to be automatically generated based on incident submission via Origami Mobile.
  • Role-based Permissions: Forms can be configured based on role, department, and location, to allow workers to see the forms most relevant to them, without being overwhelmed with irrelevant information.

We expect features such as these to improve overall usability and to help drive adoption of the mobile app across client organizations, both of which can contribute to an accelerated evolution of safety culture. With the app, more employees will have the ability to report incidents and near misses, which drives visibility into risks and hazards and ultimately allows for proactive measures to be put in place that help ensure workers go home safe. We also expect that the improved user experience, with features such as autofill based on employee and location lookup, will mean that less time will be spent on manual and repetitive tasks, meaning workers can be more productive and risk and safety professionals will have more time to spend on preventative programs.

Want to see Origami Mobile in action? Sign up for our upcoming solution showcases and see how easy it is to conduct audits and report incidents on the go.

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