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System users and prospective clients gathered in San Diego from May 16-19 for the Elevate 2022 Origami Risk User Conference. As with previous Origami user conferences, this year’s featured collaborative, hands-on learning opportunities, client-led presentations, and the option to schedule 1:1 sessions with members of the Origami service team. In this post (approximately 4-minute reading time), we provide a recap of the conference and explain how and why it differs from other software vendors’ conferences.

During the summer of 2018, soon after the purchase of a software solution that would help the Origami Risk Marketing team automate email distribution was finalized, members of our team attended a user conference hosted by the vendor of the technology that would soon be implemented. After months of demos and discussions, we arrived brimming with questions and eager to learn some applicable best practices. 

In sessions with promising titles, presenters touched on the topics we were interested in learning more about. Almost all of these presentations were very “high-level” views of the system, at best. They often omitted the “whys” — as in, “Why would we need to do this?” — and the “hows” — i.e., “How would we go about getting started?” With a handful of exceptions, rather than receiving answers to our questions, what we received could best be summarized as “upsell.” 

A User Conference Designed for  Users

In contrast to the conferences like those mentioned above, Origami’s user conference is just that — a conference for users of Origami Risk. While there are opportunities to get glimpses of upcoming features, enhancements, and product innovations that might be put to use by their organizations, the primary focus is learning. 

“We know our clients are looking for new ideas about how to automate risk management, insurance, and safety processes and get more insights from the data in Origami Risk,” said Origami Risk co-founder and CEO Bob Petrie. “Hands-on sessions and the classroom-style sessions are mostly about helping to provide these insights.” Asked why Origami decided to plan around this model for every user conference in 2014 and has continued to use the format ever since, he replied, “We’ve always organized our conference this way because that’s what our clients want.” 

Elevate 2022 – Origami Risk User Conference


Elevate 2022 – Origami Risk User Conference Recap

This year, over 500 system users and prospective clients gathered in San Diego from May 16-19 for the Elevate 2022 Origami Risk User Conference. At this year’s conference, collaborative, hands-on learning opportunities led by members of the Origami service team ranged from “boot camps” — immersive, introductory forums for those newer to the system — to hands-on sessions focused on how to set up administrative workflows, forms, dashboards, reports, and more. 

Many of the general sessions provided a unique opportunity for peer-to-peer learning. Client co-presenters partnered with members of the Origami service team to lead sessions centered around actual use cases. Included among the topics covered in sessions were TCOR calculation and allocating costs, best practices when conducting safety audits, the application of Origami’s new Reinsurance module, and using the system to address patient safety challenges, to name just a few. 

As has been the case at previous Origami user conferences, attendees also had the opportunity to schedule one-on-one sessions with members of the Origami service team to answer specific questions and get in-depth guidance on applying specific system features.

A list of hands-on and general sessions from Elevate 2022 is available here.

Conferences are, of course, not only about learning. They are also a chance to have fun and socialize while networking and discussing with peers how they are using Origami Risk to — for example — add value to their relationship with policyholders or risk pool members, use APIs and integrations to improve claims management, streamline COI management, and how they are advancing their organization’s ERM maturity.

Helping clients to see what else might be possible to accomplish is also part of the Origami Risk user conference. But rather than a “salesy” approach, those attending the conference are able to discover and see for themselves what is, or will soon be, available. They can then follow up with their designated Account Executive about what pursuing these options entails.

“One of Origami’s core values is to prioritize our clients' trust and success. It’s hard to trust a vendor that seeks to “monetize” the relationship,” said Petrie. “Our approach to client service — and the reason we structure our conference the way we do — is to live our values. If we help our clients succeed, we will also benefit and as we grow we increase our R&D budget to keep this productive cycle going strong.”

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If you’re an Origami Risk client looking for more information about our next user conference, contact your Account Manager to ensure you’re receiving our client communications.

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