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In this “Features in 5” post, we take a look at dashboards and reporting as part of Origami Risk’s Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) solution suite.

If you’re using Origami to collect your safety data via web or mobile, you already have your audit, inspection, observation, and incident management data in one system — So what's next? It’s time to analyze and act on that data. 

Drive visibility into safety initiatives at all levels of the organization with EHS Dashboards and Reporting. Leverage configurable widgets and over 20 out-of-the-box safety reports to gain insight on anything from incident rates by location and cause to audit scores and completion rates, with real-time updates on important KPIs (key performance indicators) such as:

  • Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR)
  • Days Away Restricted or Transferred (DART rate)
  • Severity Rate (SR)
  • ISO Readiness Score

With all of these data visualizations at your fingertips with corporate- and site-level dashboards, you and your team can easily stay on top of identifying safety issues that are happening all across your departments and locations — and put controls in place to proactively reduce incidents and injuries. Email and export the data to make communicating top safety priorities to management even easier.

With standard regulatory reporting (including OSHA logs), drive efficiency and reduce the administrative burden of manual data collection, leaving you and your team more time to focus on promoting a proactive safety culture and driving the efficacy of your safety program.

Watch the video below for a glimpse of how easy it is to bring transparency into your safety program with robust dashboard and reporting tools.