CMS 111 Reporting and Compliance

Origami Risk interfaces with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ mandatory reporting requirements CMS-111. The integration allows for the seamless transition of claim data from organizations and CMS to determine if any claimants whose coverage from Medicare might overlap with coverage from either Group Health Plans or Non Group Health Plans–resulting in overpayment.

Prompt and Accurate Reporting

In the world of CMS 111 compliance, prompt and accurate reporting can save you from the headaches and costs associated with having to refile information or being slapped with fines. Origami Risk automates the entire process to minimize reporting delays and inaccuracies.

  • Rely on rules-based technology with consistent and solid judgment to automatically filter out which claims must be sent to CMS—leading to fewer opportunities for error.
  • Automatically populate reports with claim data, minimizing duplicative data entry and any associated data input mistakes.
  • Report claims to CMS from Origami Risk on a client-defined automatic schedule, rather than relying on memory to separately log into the CMS system and report.

Improve Compliance

Non-compliance with CMS 111 regulations can be a costly endeavor--draining time and financial resources if you or your clients get stuck with constantly re-submitting data or paying fines for inaccurate data submissions that cause non-compliance.

  • Receive up-to-the-minute notifications any time CMS has responded to your claim filings--whether it’s merely acknowledging receipt or highlighting errors--so you can keep the reporting process moving on your end.
  • Receive notifications identifying you of any claimants might be double-dipping--whether intentional or not--so you can take action and protect against overpayment.