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Create & distribute reports

Easily create and distribute reports with intuitive data analysis. Customize or choose from 100+ widgets and templates, auto-distribute or trigger reports, advance filter, and more.


Actuarial analysis

Origami Risk makes estimating the potential financial implications of risk and claims fast and intuitive through loss triangles, IBNR calulation, projections, and differentiated weighing models.


Data processing

Keep your data consistent and mapped to all the right places with intuitive, client-defined data exception and validation tools, simple on-screen tools, and unmatched user-control.


Workers’ comp

Solve your complex, intermingled workers’ compensation challenges with easy data-capture, adjudication and management, reporting compliance, advanced analytics, and much more.


Claims management

Origami’s end-to-end claims management and analytics solution consolidates all claims data regardless of line of coverage, improves workflow processes, and enables robust automation.


Policy analytics

Leverage Origami’s integrations with LineSlip and Advisen to simplify analysis, benchmark coverage options, and foresee evolving risks to quickly and easily gain the policy-insight.

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