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CHICAGO, January 19, 2021 – Origami Risk, the industry-leading risk, safety, and insurance Software as a Service (SaaS) technology firm, today announced the launch of a suite of web-based and mobile solutions designed specifically for environment, health, and safety (EHS) professionals.

The solutions support behavior-based safety observations and inspections and audits, while facilitating faster and more efficient incident data collection and investigations, loss analytics, regulatory reporting, and compliance. 

Origami’s suite of new EHS solutions include intuitive dashboards and ready-to-use, pre-configured online tools that help EHS professionals in various industries speed up enterprise-wide implementation of safety initiatives. The suite facilitates timely and efficient incident investigations, internal and external reporting, safety auditing, inspections and monitoring, corrective action assessment, and regulatory compliance. Origami’s EHS solution is available via web and mobile, making it accessible by workers in the field.

“With their organizations evolving at an accelerated pace, EHS professionals in all industries must design, implement and evaluate advanced safety measures in the face of rapidly changing work environments, greater automation, compressed production schedules, reconfigured workspaces, and new regulatory reporting and compliance requirements,” said Sean Salvas, senior market strategy lead – EHS at Origami Risk. “These new solutions equip them to anticipate, adapt, and respond quickly to these dynamics, elevate safety practices, and drive operational excellence across their enterprises.”  

"Origami Risk has developed an offering which integrates a suite of solutions under a unified platform, catering to clients who desire improved visibility across their operations to drive down losses, improve and automate incident and near-miss reporting and drive a positive safety culture,” observed David Metcalfe, CEO, Verdantix, the leading independent EHS research and consulting firm. 

“The platform's diverse capabilities, covering EHS, GRC, and RMIS, ensure it caters to various industry verticals, including manufacturing, construction, transportation, retail, healthcare, public entities, education, and the insurance industry," he continued. 

Origami’s new EHS solution suite offers leaders the flexibility to allow individual users from various disciplines, and multiple locations throughout the enterprise, to input incident, near-miss, and other data through dedicated portals and mobile devices for timely review, analysis, and reporting by EHS team members. These resources streamline safety processes and give EHS professionals the ability to track progress in real-time and advance the enterprise’s health and safety initiatives. 

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