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Tech Firm Enhances Healthcare Risk Management Platform To Ease Administrative Burden for Healthcare Staff

CHICAGO, March 7, 2022 – Origami Risk, the industry-leading risk, safety and insurance Software as a Service (SaaS) technology firm, today added new features that help frontline workers streamline their administrative duties with timely data retrieval, complete and accurate incident entry, and enhanced ability to manage adverse events. 

“As they continue to navigate through COVID-19 related patient volume amid acute staff shortages, hospitals and other healthcare organizations are looking for ways to help staff focus more of their attention on delivering quality patient care,” said Anooja Cannon, Healthcare Market Strategy Lead at Origami Risk. “Accordingly, we’ve built new functionality into our versatile healthcare risk management platform to reduce administrative burdens on frontline staff, freeing them to spend more time attending to patients and, hopefully, leading to better outcomes, improved safety and enhanced quality.” 

Origami Risk’s new features for frontline staff include: 

- Public dashboards. This functionality provides on-demand access to key safety data among staff across the organization, including medical assistants, technicians, nurses, unit managers, facility leadership, quality, patient safety, infection control, and pharmacy professionals. Staff can use a unique URL or QR code to access dashboards to visualize current initiatives, accomplishments, and areas for improvement for their specific units; leadership can access data across the entire facility. The dashboards give teams ready access to data needed to improve quality and promote positive discussions around safety topics and celebrate “wins.” 

- Robust incident reporting. This enhancement facilitates timely and accurate reporting of adverse events by providing employees with a method to securely save and retrieve drafts within a versatile incident reporting portal. Staff can report incidents anonymously as they occur and subsequently access, update and complete their reports as time permits later in their shift or afterward.  

- Dynamic APIs. Origami Risk’s healthcare platform offers a number of automatic interfaces with hospital HR and electronic medical record (EMR) systems to pre-populate employee or patient data, eliminating the need for manual input. Among other benefits, APIs give healthcare risk managers and legal teams ready access to supporting information needed to assess and resolve incidents and claims.

For additional information on the various features and solutions available on Origami Risk’s healthcare risk management platform, visit: