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Tech Firm’s Integrated HealthCare Risk Management Platform Earns Top Rating from KLAS Research

CHICAGO, February 08, 2022 – Origami Risk, the industry-leading risk, safety and insurance Software as a Service (SaaS) technology firm, has been named “Best in KLAS” in Healthcare Safety, Risk & Compliance Management, earning top honors for its integrated healthcare risk management platform.  

Origami’s overall score of 92.2, the highest among all firms in the award segment, was significantly above the average scores for the segment. Furthermore, Origami recorded the highest individual scores in its segment for each and every factor of the assessment, including culture, loyalty, operations, product, relationship and value. 

“Each year, thousands of healthcare professionals across the globe take the time to share their voice with KLAS,” said Adam Gale, CEO, KLAS. “They know that sharing their perspective helps vendors to improve and helps their peers make better decisions. These conversations are a constant reminder to me of how necessary accurate, honest, and impartial reporting is in the healthcare industry. 

“The Best in KLAS report and the awards it contains set the standard of excellence for software and services firms,” he added. 

“We’re extremely honored to earn this recognition from KLAS Research,” said Earne Bentley, president, Risk Solutions at Origami Risk. “We're continuing to work closely with our clients throughout the healthcare industry to build dynamic functionality that helps them reduce silos, enhance quality and improve patient safety. As global risks evolve and become more complex, our highly configurable platform and collaborative approach equips our clients to meet new challenges with innovative solutions tailored to their needs."  

Although this is Origami’s inaugural “Best in KLAS” award, the firm has achieved nearly 40 similar honors across all industries for innovation, service and workplace in recent years. The steady recognition reflects Origami’s strong commitment to deliver the highest level of service to its clients and underscores the ability of its talented staff to collaborate with clients on meaningful innovations that address their priorities, and improve performance, efficiency and results.  

Origami Risk’s healthcare risk management platform offers healthcare risk managers, executives, administrators, professionals and staff at all levels a wide variety of tools and resources to support their efforts to elevate care, enhance quality, reduce risk and drive efficiencies across all areas of their enterprise. 

For additional information on Origami’s 2022 Best in KLAS award, including details on each of the factors and related scores, visit

About Origami Risk – Risk Solutions

Origami Risk provides integrated SaaS solutions that simplify risk, insurance, compliance, and safety management. Origami delivers its highly configurable RMIS, GRC, EHS, and healthcare risk management solutions from a secure, scalable platform that includes tools for centralizing data, automating critical workflows, and providing insight into risk and safety initiatives. A singular focus on client success underlies Origami’s approach to developing, implementing, and supporting their innovative, award-winning software. Visit or contact Origami at

About KLAS

KLAS is a research and insights firm on a global mission to improve healthcare delivery by amplifying the provider's voice. Working with thousands of healthcare professionals and clinicians, KLAS gathers data and insights on software, services, and medical equipment to deliver timely reports, trends and statistical overviews. The research directly represents the provider voice and acts as a catalyst for improving vendor performance. Follow KLAS on Twitter and LinkedIn. Learn more at