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In its August 2017 Governance, Risk and Compliance Special, CIO Applications lists Origami Risk as a Top 25 GRC Technology Provider.

Origami Risk’s configurable GRC solution allows organizations to identify and categorize risk, assess potential impact, track the effectiveness of designated controls, and effectively report on program performance.

The article states that the flexibility of Origami Risk core GRC elements--risks, controls and other risk-related records--is “critical to the success of a GRC technology."

The ability to drive efficiencies through use of a single repository for all organizational risk data and the incorporation of automated workflow tools was also noted. “With risk-related data stored in a single system, Origami Risk’s automated workflow tools -- that include the generation of tasks and transmission of email notifications -- can be configured to streamline the processes of defining risk, implementing controls and assessing the efficacy of controls.”

To download the article click here.