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CHICAGO, 1 April 2017 – The future of RMIS technology and the impact of cloud computing for RMIS software were two of the central topics addressed by Bob Petrie, founder and CEO of Origami Risk, during a panel discussion — “Harnessing Technology---Using the Power of Data” -- at the Hays Risk Management Symposium, held in Chicago on March 15, 2017.

Mr. Petrie, who served as a panelist along with David Britt, Executive Vice President of Hays Companies, and Stuart Rose, Strategy Director for Predictive Analytics at Guidewire, spoke about the role cloud computing is playing in lowering RMIS costs, improving both performance and reliability, and facilitating the rapid development of enhancements for immediate delivery to users.


The symposium, now in its eleventh year, was attended by more than 100 Risk Managers who came together at Chicago's Metropolitan Club to hear thought leaders discuss current and emerging industry trends.

With a focus on helping their customers and other industry professionals understand the complex and ever-changing insurance industry, Hays Companies, a Minneapolis-based brokerage and Origami Risk client, hosts multiple in-person seminars and events throughout the year.

“At Hays, we don’t try to be experts in all areas. Where we do not feel we have the expertise, we seek leaders in their field and partner with them,” says David Britt.

“From a RMIS perspective, we partner with the #1 rated provider and have created a unique contract between Origami and Hays where we can provide both service and our own pricing model to enable upper middle market and Risk Management clients a very affordable system.”

About Origami Risk LLC

Origami Risk was founded by industry veterans committed to designing intuitive web-based software that streamlines how risk, insurance and claims data is collected, analyzed and shared—ultimately helping users to be more productive and manage the total cost of risk for their organizations or for their clients. Origami Risk has consistently been ranked the top RMIS Provider in Advisen’s annual RMIS Review. In 2011 and 2016, it received the Business Insurance Innovation Award for leadership, inventiveness and ingenuity in risk management products and services.


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