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Sat, 11/09/2019 - 21:06
Versatile Tool Supports Risk Management, Patient Safety, and High-Reliability Initiatives

CHICAGO, October 23, 2019 – Origami Risk, the industry-leading risk, safety and insurance Software as a Service (SaaS) technology firm, today announced the addition of a versatile new survey tool to its integrated cloud-based healthcare risk management platform.

“As healthcare organizations across the country focus on enhancing the patient experience and developing a high-reliability organization, risk management, safety and quality professionals need timely and efficient feedback mechanisms to spot potential issues and assess any corrective measures,” said Bill Schwacke, a senior sales executive at Origami Risk specializing in healthcare. “Whether it’s used to gather feedback from patients or staff, our survey tool streamlines the process, enabling healthcare professionals to quickly obtain and analyze results and report key findings.”

Using Origami’s survey tool, healthcare professionals and their staff can create and deploy surveys across specific locations to reach targeted staff, employee and patient populations quickly and effectively, as well as to collect, aggregate and report response data. In building their feedback systems, healthcare team members can choose from several pre-configured surveys, modify and deploy them, or use other features to customize surveys to their own needs.

Origami’s survey tool enables healthcare professionals to track groups receiving the survey, as well as to measure participation and effectiveness. Automated reminders and escalation features help increase survey participation. Built-in analytical tools facilitate scoring to quickly identify outliers and problem areas, while preconfigured templates speed the preparation of tailored reports for leadership and other key audiences. All of these efforts assist organizations with building and maintaining a high-reliability organization.

Along with its survey capabilities, Origami’s integrated healthcare risk management platform delivers a wide range of solutions, across all care settings, for identifying risks, streamlining workflow processes, triggering real-time notifications, and mitigating and preventing risk. Its secure, easy-to-use, mobile-friendly software allows healthcare organizations to better manage critical safety, quality, claims, insurance, and risk data through improved data collection, communication, healthcare analytics, and strategy tools. Origami also offers the convenience and efficiency of having a single platform that meets the needs of all roles and functions within a healthcare risk management program. As such, Origami’s new survey tool integrates with its other healthcare solutions, including incident reporting. This allows patient or staff feedback to be tied to specific adverse events for deeper understanding of the underlying issues and faster resolution.

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About Origami Risk Origami Risk is a leading provider of integrated SaaS solutions for the risk, safety, and insurance industry—from insured corporate and public entities to brokers and risk consultants, insurers, third party claims administrators (TPAs), and risk pools. Highly configurable and completely scalable, Origami Risk delivers a full suite of risk management tools and insurance core system solutions from a secure, cloud-based platform accessible via web browser and mobile app.