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The inaugural edition of the State of Risk Report is here!

In an era of “interesting times,” it’s clear that pursuit of the status quo in risk management is looking less and less likely to hold. 

Augmented with viewpoints and insights from industry experts, the State of Risk Report aims to review the broader lessons learned from world events and examine how organizations are situated to face evolving risks.  

In this report, readers will get: 

  • A detailed breakdown on how risk management peers are prioritizing and progressing on topics including ESG, supply chain, and DE&I; 

  • An in-depth look at 2021’s significant events and why they’re signaling toward a greater need for an integrated approach to risk management; 

  • Lessons learned from 2021’s major events and how they should be influencing your risk management practices in 2022 and beyond; and much more! 

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