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If managing vendors, suppliers, contractors, and other third parties is your responsibility, are you actually managing the risk these entities bring to your organization from a holistic perspective?

While managing insurance risk by tracking Certificates of Insurance (COI) is certainly important, there are additional elements to a comprehensive Vendor Risk Management program that if managed effectively, will reduce your risk exposure.

In this 20-minute Solution Showcase, we demonstrate how Origami Risk can help you gain control over vendor and third-party risk.  

You’ll learn how to:

  • Easily collect vendor information into a centralized catalog
  • Leverage configurable, automated workflow to simplify the vendor due diligence process, annual insurance renewals, risk assessments, and audits
  • Conduct risk assessments using the Standardized Information Gathering (SIG)™ questionnaire to automatically score vendors
  • Validate risk assessments and perform ongoing monitoring using integrated cybersecurity and financial ratings of your most critical vendors
  • Manage action plans for remediating issues with key vendors

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