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With an onslaught of emerging challenges (such as the COVID-19 pandemic, heat domes, and more severe hurricanes), the stakes are higher for ensuring the health and safety of your employees.

No longer will a reactive, fire-fighting method stapled together by spreadsheets, legacy systems, and paper documents be sustainable to ensure the reduction of incidents and injuries and to remain compliant with ever-changing regulations. 

There is a greater need for the EHS professional to become more strategic, by adopting leading indicators, developing a proactive safety culture, and using technology that can support it. But how can EHS leaders get organizational buy-in to invest in technology that can help support a more strategic approach?

In this on-demand webinar, EHS experts Sean Salvas (Senior Market Strategy Lead-EHS, Origami Risk) and Tom Brown (Technology Analyst, Verdantix) discuss:

  • The need for a more proactive approach to EHS management
  • Technology that can advance a proactive approach
  • Practical tips to get organizational buy in to elevate the EHS role and help your organization meet the challenges of today
  • Our speakers will address these topics from both a safety culture and technology perspective

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