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Increasing Operational Claims Excellence in the Digital Era
In an ever-evolving digital world shaped by consumer-grade technology, claimants have come to expect an experience consistent with modern-day communication and automated workflows.

This expectation means that in order to achieve operational excellence, claims administration must focus on constantly improving its service level and efficiency, all while delivering reliable and repeatable business results.

In this webinar, Origami Risk examines how to leverage digital technology, automation, and analytics throughout the life of a claim—from incident collection and auto-assignment of tasks to an adjuster coordinating care and file resolution with multiple stakeholders—all in order to drive operational excellence in claims administration and reduce claims leakage.

This webinar is presented by Steve Schmutz, a pioneer in the SaaS claims management software space and founder of numerous risk and insurance technology companies, and Brian Trzesniak, a leader in Origami’s Core division with over two decades of experience focusing on pools, TPAs, and insurers in services, product, and more.