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The clock is always ticking on workers’ compensation claims. Delays at any point in the claim lifecycle can contribute to claims remaining open longer and compound their cost. Taking a close look at the procedures and best practices used by adjusters—to determine where the potential for delays can be significantly reduced, if not eliminated altogether—is essential to reducing the cost of claims and improving outcomes.

In a recent post, we looked at how the Origami Compliance Forms & Correspondence solution contributes to a more efficient and accurate approach to workers’ compensation reporting. Realizing improved efficiency and accuracy in the processing of state forms is a major step in the right direction. Answers to the following questions should also be factored in:
  • Do adjusters always know when submission/resubmission of a specific state form is required based on changes to claim data or date-related events?
  • Is there an explanation for why a form must be submitted/resubmitted?
  • Are adjusters clear on the action to be performed next?

Including detailed instructions related to state forms in adjuster action plans, along with the use of tasks and diary notes can certainly help. But wouldn’t a solution tied directly to claim data and the state forms and claim correspondence for which adjusters are responsible be even more effective?

Alert adjusters when form submission is required

The Forms Compliance Check solution from Origami Compliance seamlessly integrates with any claims system to enhance your forms solution. By automatically monitoring changes to claim data, adjusters are alerted to what’s next when it comes to the submission of state-specific workers’ compensation forms.

With a single click or tap, adjusters working in your claims system activate the solution’s powerful rules engine. Additions or changes made to data in the system are instantly evaluated to determine if the submission (or resubmission) of a form is required. For example, following a claimant’s change of their primary treating physician, an adjuster updates claim details. Upon saving the record and running a compliance check, the adjuster is immediately alerted that a form notifying the state of the change must be sent to the state compliance agency.

In addition to a listing of the form name and number, adjusters are provided with an explanation of why the form is warranted. This means no more moving between screens in the system, or going to a third-party website to verify the need for a form. Adjusters also have direct access to a number of actions, giving them to the ability to pre-populate form fields, preview forms, finalize, and email a PDF version of the completed document.

Regardless of the claims management system your organization uses, Origami Compliance provides an integrated, easy-to-use forms compliance check solution that not only helps adjusters work more efficiently and accurately but also removes the guesswork and contributes to time savings by alerting them to what’s next. As a result, adjusters can spend more time focused on activities that contribute to reducing the cost of claims, improve outcomes, and lead to greater customer satisfaction.

To find out more about forms compliance checks and other Origami Compliance solutions that can help streamline workers' compensation claims handling processes, contact us to request a demo.