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At Origami Risk, our goal is to meet the business objectives of every customer. We add efficiency and effectively lower your costs … and we deliver the tools to measure and report your progress.

Just as our RMIS, Claims, and Policy Management systems are a means to help you identify, manage, and address risks, so is our blog. In the name of savings, safety, and your operational security, we aspire to help you by tackling — in the Origami Risk blog — topics like:

  • Emerging trends and challenges in your industry
  • Tools and tactics used by industry leaders
  • Inspiration around problem-solving

Founded by industry veterans, Origami Risk aspires to make each and every client successful. We launch our blog with the same objective – to share knowledge to make Risk Managers, Claims Managers, Insurance Pool Managers and others in the insurance industry successful.

We hope you will engage with us and that we can learn from one another.