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When clients are actively engaged with their carrier, the organization gains the opportunity to provide higher value services that can help clients make strategic decisions and drive down costs. Paper-based and labor-intensive processes, legacy systems that struggle with modern requirements, and data siloed in disparate, unconnected applications all run counter to this effort. Origami Risk, however, provides several features that allow carriers to fully engage with their clients and deliver actionable, strategic data that can impact clients’ bottom line.

Meeting the Modern Demands of Today’s Client

In our recent Trends That Will Shape 2018 post, we highlighted how the increasing demand for 24/7 access to information and self-service is expanding from the consumer market into all types of organizations. For insureds and agents, this translates into a desire for greater access to critical data, and to have it customized to fit with the way they want to work with it.Providing clients with direct access to reports that highlight the most critical information allows clients to take corrective action early in the process when the benefits are greatest. From policy and program information to renewal dates and claims data, clients need access to all of their data. However, if data is housed in separate silos or stored in legacy systems with limited reporting capabilities, providing this type of integrated information can be difficult, if not impossible.

Improving Operations and Meeting Expectations

Origami Risk has tools designed to meet all of the demands cited above, while also streamlining operations and eliminating administrative roadblocks that stand between your organization and its clients. Online portals give clients the tailored, 24/7 access to critical information they demand, without placing additional strain on your staff. Since these portals can be easily configured to meet the informational demands of individual clients without requiring IT resources or product development requests, they can continually adapt as needs evolve. This allows you to stay responsive to your client base while freeing up your staff from repetitive, resource-draining administrative tasks.

Sophisticated data integrations allow you to eliminate silos and create a single source of data, improving the accuracy and timeliness of your data. It also expands the data available for reports, allowing for more comprehensive and impactful analysis. The highly flexible reporting and notification functionality not only makes customizing reports easy, it also allows you to set the specific triggers that automatically generate custom reports and distribute them to designated client contacts when required. This puts the right information in the right hands at the right time, increasing the value-add of your organization.

Increasing Engagement Through Better Service

While the ability to connect clients with the data they need to take actions that drive down costs is certainly a key benefit of using Origami Risk, the ways it can improve the level of service to clients is expansive. Collecting data on everything from value and exposures to incident reporting can be done through portals. This simplifies the process, eliminates endless emails back and forth, and carefully tracks progress so no data falls through the cracks. The ability to customize the look and feel of portals allows the carrier to extend their branding through all client-facing points, increasing client retention and discouraging defections to other less cohesive and responsive options. With each client’s emails, calls, and visits tracked in one system and accessible to authorized users across your entire organization, your staff can provide consistent, knowledgeable client interactions every time they get a request.

Not only does this enhance the quality of service for existing clients, potential new ones benefit as well. Multi-page application and proposal functionality simplifies the way policies are proposed and bound. The entire process – proposals, changes, binding, and securing e-signatures – can be automated in Origami Risk. In addition to speeding up and streamlining the process, automating proposals and binding also signals the responsiveness and forward-looking technology prospects will have access to by working with your organization.

Increasing the engagement of prospective and existing clients while improving operations and eliminating administrative resource drains is a win/win proposition. Origami Risk allows your organization to meet client demand and increase the value you offer on a daily basis.