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If you are a risk, safety, or compliance professional in the government sector, you may be wondering about the benefits of purchasing Origami Risk through a government contract purchasing vehicle. 

What is a government contract purchasing vehicle?

“Government contract purchasing vehicles allow governments to more easily identify partner resources..” (Source) Under these arrangements, local entities are able to buy products and contract with solution providers that have already been vetted by an approved procurement sourcing agency, like the GSA, part of a cooperative purchasing agreement, or another entity’s purchase contract aka “piggybacking” under the Interlocal Cooperation Act. (Chapter 39.34 RCW).

Here are a few key advantages:

1. Simplified Procurement Process

By using a government contract purchasing vehicle, you can simplify the procurement process and avoid the time-consuming and expensive bidding process. When other peer organizations have already completed the due diligence needed to assess vendors through a competitive bid, there is no need to recreate the wheel by going through a new RFP process to come to a similar conclusion that they may have already reached. Origami Risk has already been vetted by government entities in competitive solicitations many times over, so  you can leverage the already completed procurement process and quickly acquire the software you need.

2. Cost Savings

Using a government contract purchasing vehicle can also potentially lead to cost savings for your entity. By leveraging this purchase process, you can access pricing, terms & conditions which were the result of competitive marketplace assessment, allowing you to obtain the best outcomes of cost and terms available. This can help you maximize your budget and achieve cost savings that might not be possible through other purchasing methods.

3. Proven Track Record

Origami Risk has a proven track record of success in the government sector. The software is currently used by a variety of federal, state, local & education entities to manage risk and improve operational efficiency. By purchasing Origami Risk through a government contract purchasing vehicle, you can be confident that you are investing in a reliable and trusted solution that has delivered successful solutions and partnerships for many other entities.

4. Increased Security and Compliance

In the government sector, security and compliance are top priorities. Origami Risk is designed with security and compliance in mind, and the software is regularly audited and updated to meet the latest standards and regulations.

5. Enhanced Functionality and Efficiency

Origami Risk offers a wide range of features and functionality that can help state and local government agencies manage risk and improve operational efficiency. From claims management and policy administration to regulatory compliance and analytics, Origami Risk has everything you need to streamline your operations and achieve better outcomes.

Origami Risk is a comprehensive risk management software solution that can help state and local government agencies streamline their operations and improve efficiency. Purchasing Origami Risk through a government contract purchasing vehicle provides a number of benefits to state and local government agencies. By simplifying the procurement process, achieving cost savings, accessing a proven solution, increasing security and compliance, and enhancing functionality and efficiency, government agencies can better manage risk and improve their overall performance.

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