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“The Roundup” is Origami Risk’s weekly bulletin of headlines and resources impacting risk, compliance, safety, P&C insurance, and healthcare.

Wed, Oct 26 | New study examines impact of inflation on auto insurance 

The American Property Casualty Insurance Association (APCIA) released a white paper this week examining how auto insurance is impacted by inflation; finds that insurance claim costs have continued to rise faster than the underlying consumer price index. (continue reading) 

Wed, Oct 26  | The biggest health insurance mysteries, and how to decode them 

Here are some common mysteries regarding health insurance, and what to know to get the care you need. (continue reading) 

Thurs, Oct 27 | How to use life insurance while alive 

While life insurance is often thought of as something you leave to your beneficiaries after you have died, there are ways you can use your life insurance while you're alive. This can be used to pay down debt, make mortgage payments or simply to help with major expenses. (continue reading

Thurs, Oct 27 | The Top 3 Questions Agents Ask about Builders Risk 

Builders risk policies provide distinct coverages for new construction and remodeling that are not always found in a standard homeowners or permanent property policy. (continue reading

Thurs, Oct 27 | Insurance company Kemper lays off 339 workers 

Insurance company Kemper Corporation confirmed Thursday it has laid off 339 employees, including 39 in Alabama, citing “the longer-term economic impacts of the pandemic—primarily significant prolonged inflation.” (continue reading

Fri Oct 28 | Florida homeowners facing increasing property insurance rates, experts say 

Some industry analysts predict the average homeowner will spend 40% more on property insurance next year because of the storm. (continue reading) 

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