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"The Roundup” is Origami Risk’s weekly bulletin of headlines and resources impacting risk, compliance, safety, P&C insurance, and healthcare.

Tues, Nov. 15  | Amazon’s New Telehealth Service to Offer Care for Common Conditions

Amazon Clinic allows customers in 32 states to get virtual care for common conditions such as allergies, acne, hair loss and heartburn, according to the company. (continue reading

Wed, Nov. 16 | RMS: Less Than $2B in Insured Losses from Hurricane Nicole 

Catastrophe modeler RMS said private market U.S. insured losses from Hurricane Nicole are estimated at less than $2 billion, with a best estimate of $1.6 billion. This estimate represents insured losses associated with wind, storm surge, and precipitation-induced flooding. (continue reading

Wed, Nov. 16 | INFLATION AND GEN Z—How The Insurance Industry Is Marketing For The Future 

There’s a new pressure system building in the property and casualty insurance category as a host of circumstances challenge brands to rethink the way they market themselves and the massive marketing budgets they command. (continue reading

Thurs, Nov 17 | State worker used job to help defraud unemployment insurance of more than $1 million: feds 

A former Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency worker used her job to help bilk he government of more than $1 million through fraudulent claims, federal prosecutors said. (continue reading

Thurs, Nov 17 | Do companies need cyber insurance? 

Companies are increasingly seeking to transfer risk with cyber insurance. This trend has been influenced by a greater severity in cyber-attacks and the resulting skyrocketing costs of incident response, business disruption and recovery. (continue reading

Thurs, Nov 17 | Wages rising faster than job-based health insurance 

Enjoy it while it lasts: Workers' pay has been growing faster than the cost of job-based health insurance. (continue reading

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