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“The Roundup” is Origami Risk’s weekly bulletin of headlines and resources impacting risk, compliance, safety, P&C insurance, and healthcare.

Sat, July 2 | Effective Claims Resolution Starts Well Before Any Loss. What These Carriers and Brokers Had to Say 

Carriers, brokers, and claims management firms all stress clarity, communication, and collaboration as keys to successful claims resolution. All carriers and brokers encourage their insureds to read and understand their policies. Claims resolution relies on all the work after that. (continue reading) 

Tues, July 5 | Licensing rules to know before offering embedded insurance 

Embedded insurance products are often closely integrated with a company’s website to allow its customers to seamlessly purchase insurance online. However, companies must confront the complicated, and sometimes confusing, world of the U.S.’s state-based insurance regulations. (continue reading

Tues, July 5 | Supreme Court Curtails EPA's Greenhouse Gas Regulatory Oversight 

"The Court’s decision affirms the Environmental Protection Agency’s authority to issue appropriate greenhouse gas regulations while providing a reminder that the agency must stay within the guardrails delegated by Congress," says NAM. (continue reading) 

Wed, July 6 | How Prevention through Design Improves Worker Safety in the Electrical Workplace 

Safety by design is an achievable intervention that improves worker health and safety. Designing to eliminate or avoid hazards altogether, before any exposure happens in the workplace, is also the top priority in the hierarchy of risk controls common to industry safety professionals. (continue reading) 

Fri, July 8  | The Economy Could Have a Long Case of Long Covid 

Lingering symptoms for millions of people may place a prolonged drag on economic activity and pose problems for life insurers and healthcare providers. Two years later there is still much that scientists and health professionals don’t know about what has come to be called long Covid. (continue reading) 

Fri, July 8  | How the changing workforce & rising interest rates impact workers' comp 

Inflation is impacting everyone. Every day, we feel the effects of inflation as we fill our gas tanks or shop at the local grocery store. Inflation and other macroeconomic factors also impact the insurance industry, especially the workers’ compensation market. (continue reading) 


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