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“The Roundup” is Origami Risk’s bi-weekly bulletin of headlines and resources impacting the risk, compliance, safety, P&C insurance, and healthcare industries.

Editor’s Note: Our usual bi-weekly schedule was adjusted due to the US Labor Day holiday. This edition covers three weeks of news, and as a result, has been narrowed down to the most impactful headlines for brevity.

Wed, Sept 1 | ​​Walmart Will Add 20,000 Workers to Supply-Chain Operations This Year

Ahead of the holidays, Walmart is pushing to add 20,000 permanent supply-chain operations hires to its workforce, signaling the growing role of delivery and distribution in retail competition. (Continue reading)

Wed, Sept 1 | U.S. Manufacturing Growth Accelerated Slightly in August

Amid ongoing shortages of materials and labor, the manufacturing industry saw acceleration in August despite ongoing supply chain challenges. (Continue reading)

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Fri, Sept 10 | Healthcare Deserts: 80% of U.S. Lacks Adequate Access to Healthcare

According to a report by GoodRX Research, over 80% of the United States lacks “adequate healthcare infrastructure in some shape or form.” (Continue reading)

Wed, Sept 15 | Microsoft is going password-free for consumer accounts

Microsoft has announced that it is “officially retiring written passwords for personal accounts,” with corporate accounts having been eligible for password-free sign-on since March of this year. (Continue reading)

Wed, Sept 15 | Patients and doctors who embraced telehealth during the pandemic fear it will become harder to access

With federal and state regulators having issued scores of waivers to telehealth access and coverage rules at the beginning of the pandemic, experts are beginning to question whether the rules will tighten once the “public health emergency is over.” (Continue reading)

Thu, Sept 16 | Britain's Co-op warns supply chain disruption to hit full year profit

The British supermarket group, Co-operative Group, reported a first half loss noting the country’s supply chain disruption would “put pressure on full year profits.” (Continue reading)

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Fri, Sept 17 | Comp pays more than group health on similar medical services

When compared to group health, workers’ compensation insurers pay more for medical services for comparable injuries according to a new report from the National Council on Compensation Insurance. (Continue reading)

Fri, Sept 17 | Average med-legal payment up 67% in California

Under the new fee schedule that was approved earlier this year, the California Workers’ Compensation Institute reported that average payments for all comprehensive medical-legal evaluations rose 67%. (Continue reading)

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