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"The Roundup” is Origami Risk’s weekly bulletin of headlines and resources impacting risk, compliance, safety, P&C insurance, and healthcare.

Mon, May 2 | In First Year of Coronavirus Pandemic, U.S. Life Expectancy Fell by 1.87 Years 

According to a new JAMA research article, the US experienced a decrease in life expectancy from 2019-2020. Much of this was due to the US leading in COVID deaths. Keep reading to find out which groups were affected the most and how the decrease can be assessed. (Continue reading) 

Wed, May 4 | Live event insurance changes call on agents to review coverages 

Attaining live-event coverage can sometimes be more complicated than in the past due to how policies are constantly being updated with new risks and data. More recent threats facing live-events range from assailants, stampedes, and local health regulations. (Continue reading) 

Thu, May 5 | The difference between risk management leaders & laggards 

Property Casualty 360 read Origami’s State of Risk report and wrote about their key takeaways on leaders and laggards. Have a look at what they had to say. (Continue reading) 

Fri, May 6 | Dubai Aerospace Files Insurance Claims of $1B for Aircraft Stranded in Russia 

Dubai Aerospace, the Middle East’s biggest plane-leasing firm, wrote off $538 million for planes with airlines in Russia and filed insurance claims of $1 billion, a number that may rise. This was a result of Russia preventing foreign-owned jets from leaving the country without permission. (Continue reading) 

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