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Origami Risk is included in the 2021 Novarica Market Navigator™ Property/Casualty Claims Systems report, which includes a full profile on our P&C Claims Management solution suite. Read more about Origami’s inclusion and to download the report excerpt.

Origami Risk is pleased to announce our inclusion as a "New Entrant" in the latest Novarica Market Navigator™ Property/Casualty Claims Systems report. 

Novarica, a technology strategy research, advisory, and consulting firm for P&C and Life/Annuity Insurers, recently released its 2021 Market Navigator™ Property/Casualty Claims Systems report. The report provides an overview of the current solution provider marketplace for claims solutions for P&C Insurers. The objective report is a helpful start for insurance providers looking to update their current technology and help determine which vendor is the best fit for their needs.

We’re the “New Entrant” that’s actually been in the game for years. While Origami has been selling our P&C Claims Administration suite for over a decade to risk pools, captives, third-party administrators (TPAs), and self administered organizations, our solutions are still relatively new in the traditional insurer/carrier space.

Across all of Origami’s solutions, we have managed upwards of 69 million claims from more than 650 clients with 2.7 million new claims reported in 2020 on the Origami platform. Additionally, Origami Risk has more than 278 clients that are administering claims on the platform. Essentially, the Origami platform is widely used for its robust solution for managing the entire claim life cycle, from first notice of loss to settlement for all P&C lines of business. 

Origami provides scalable, cloud-based claims administration solutions with fully integrated digital engagement capabilities, dashboards, and advanced analytics. With our technology, you can leverage data to implement best practices, ensure compliance, and enable collaboration with all stakeholders. Our clients include insurers, MGAs, program administrators, risk pools, captives, third-party administrators (TPAs), and self administered organizations. 

Our goal is to help you adjudicate claims more efficiently. We want to make it easy for your insureds and, if applicable, your  independent agent channel to do business with you — which in turn brings your organization more revenue, customer satisfaction, and retention. Key features of our platform to facilitate that include:

  • Automated workflows that free your staff from repetitive, time-consuming activities associated with claims management 
  • Omni-channel communication to and from the system that allows you to engage with your stakeholders in their preferred channel: web or mobile, email or text
  • Centralized storage and production of claims-related documentation within Origami makes it easier to find critical files and move toward a paperless environment
  • Origami was built to enable you to integrate your insurance technology platform with any third-party application without the need for custom development or cumbersome, back-end processes

If you will be in the market to update your claims administration system within the next few years, be sure to download a complimentary excerpt of the Novarica Market Navigator™ Property/Casualty Claims Systems report, which includes the Novarica market overview and the Origami claims administration profile.