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A recap of Origami Risk’s October 2021 feature updates from Origamian, Ed Brill - VP, Product Management.

Organizations have plenty to consider as we close out 2021, from supply chain constraints to natural weather conditions. Keeping all things in mind, Origami Risk moved forward in October with our latest release that includes client requested updates plus strategic roadmap items. 

Highlights of Origami’s October 2021 Release:

The October 2021 release included several new platform capabilities and updates across all market solutions. Additionally, this release focused primarily on user experience, efficiency, and flexibility. 

General Updates:

  • Common Question Library: This library consolidates audit questions, tasks, and corrective actions to eliminate duplication. 
  • US PAID Act CMS Updates: Stay compliant with the new CMS updates made to accommodate the US PAID Act changes expected to roll out in December 2021 (these include API interface changes)
  • Global Search: Updated to show recently accessed records. Records can now be directly opened from the search menu. 
  • Deactivation of Users: The deactivation of users who own scheduled reports, dashboards, or Schedules will now trigger ending or reassigning those schedules. The reassigning capability can also be accessed on the More menu at any time.
  • Random Record Selector Tool: Automate tedious tasks with this tool by triggering actions based on scheduled events and data entry events.
  • Bulk Deletion Option: Simplify the maintenance of data with the new bulk deletion option for claims and incidents, which means clearing out records is no longer needed. 
  • GIS Maps: Further client security has been added. 

Environment, Health, & Safety (EHS): Audits and inspections can now be linked to specific asset types.

Governance, Risk, & Compliance (GRC): Updates in GRC include the ERM Risk Score Trend which is available to plot trend lines for various Risk lenses. Additionally, we launched our  Vendor Risk Management (VRM) solution to help your organization strategically manage liability from vendors, suppliers and other third parties.  To learn more, visit the dedicated VRM resource page

Healthcare: Safety huddles can now be scheduled to automatically occur. 

Policy Administration: Billing has been updated to enable the ability to handle credits and generate negative invoices and updates to deductible billing invoices section of claims screen.

Risk Management Information System (RMIS): Based on client feedback, a beta level of our new Values Collection Management user experience is now available. The new Collection Assignment screen features Assignments, Assignees, Emails, and Logs which can be viewed by card to quickly visualize progress and filter collection assignments.


For additional information about this release, reach out to us.