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A Round-Up Recap from Origamian, Ed Brill - Chief Technology Officer.

Our third release of 2021 demonstrates one of the core values we live every day at Origami Risk: a relentless focus on partnering with our clients. In the Origami Risk annual satisfaction survey, our clients pushed us further to innovate and deliver enhancements around user experience, documentation and education, and improved functionality across all of our market solutions. It’s been through their continued partnership that we moved forward with each release executing the vision.

Highlights of Origami’s July 2021 Release

At a high-level, this July 2021 release included several new platform capabilities and updates across all market solutions. Additionally, this release focused primarily on significant user experience enhancements with more efficient ways to accomplish many tasks within Origami’s unified SaaS platform.

General Updates

Home page of Origami Guide
A peek at the Origami Guide home page.

Origami Guide: The Guide is an online help documentation system. Through this dedicated site, clients can easily navigate to the topic they are looking for. The most popular articles will also be displayed, as well as those newly published or recently updated. This site includes intelligent search and a glossary for increased findability. In the July 2021 release, we delivered initial content in the Guide for the new features of this release. Over the next several months, we will continue to build out Guide content to cover all major functional areas of the Origami Risk platform.

QR Codes for Grant Access: Just as QR codes are used in lieu of physical restaurant menus nowadays, Origami has added the ability for users to generate an external access QR code for any domain that has events enabled.

Dashboard Custom Widget Builder: The builder provides a simplified approach to building new widgets with an enhanced user interface for widget selection. The widget builder also includes a new heat map chart type and enhanced 3D chart rendering.

User Interface Enhancements: These enhancements include persistent access to Global Search, bulk file deletion in document queues, filtering for task and note template displays, and much more.

Mobile Functionality: Android App Links and iOS Universal Links are supported, so that the mobile app can be securely accessed and will go directly to the app or app store depending on if the user has downloaded the app to their mobile device.

Environment, Health, & Safety (EHS)

Further enhancements have been made to Job Safety Analysis (JSA) to include a risk roll-up option at the job, working unit, site, and territorial levels.

Governance, Risk, & Compliance (GRC)

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Key Risk Indicators (KRI) capability was updated to leverage incidents, claims, and other data across the platform for risk monitoring and trending.  Additionally, the Business Continuity Management module was enhanced to include expanded capabilities for conducting a Business Impact Analysis (BIA) while performing an assessment.  Improvements to the Internal Audit module focused on optimizing audit planning and automation of action plans.  Improvements to data collection questionnaires set-up and workflow as well as controls-related reporting were also included in this release.


Origami added a standardized Safety Huddle module for configuring workflows, including attendance tracking and recurring issues. Enhancements to Ratio-based reporting and additional chart types were also added. Incident Reviews have been centralized into a rule set engine for easier initial configuration, ongoing maintenance, and reporting. Finally, subtle improvements to Root Cause Analysis (RCA) such as linking to other domains and printable abstract capabilities were also added to the product.

Insurance (Policy & Claims)

The indemnity Benefits module has been updated with improved management of Benefit Schedules and Settlements. Additionally, Origami has added the ability to generate every state’s wage statement based upon inputs from the Average Weekly Wage (AWW) Calculator. A Root Cause Analysis (RCA) can now be linked to a claim. 

As we prepare for the next release, we are continuing work on platform resiliency, user experience, scalability, and innovation. It is an exciting road ahead in partnership with Origami clients - stay tuned and thank you for reading!

For additional information about this release, please reach out to us.