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When it comes to describing the expertise of their employees, there’s very little difference in the way RMIS vendors present themselves. A quick review of provider websites proves it.

“...we strive to have the best talent in the industry on our team.”
“ ideal blend of business knowledge and technology expertise.”
“...among the most experienced in the industry.”
“...unrivaled industry and technical knowledge…”

If every provider is equal in terms of service expertise, what explains the Net Promoter Scores (NPS) for RMIS providers featured in the 2023 RMIS Report?

Are our competitors stretching the truth when claiming to have the most talented, experienced, and/or knowledgeable support team? Not exactly.

In actuality, every one of the claims listed above is true. (Well, “unrivaled” might be going a bit far, in our opinion.) How do we know this to be the case? Given the relatively small size of the RMIS industry, many of us have worked alongside each other at some point over the years. We at Origami Risk can personally attest to the fact every provider has, on staff, people who care a great deal about the work that they do, and who work hard to deliver exceptional service to their clients.

That, of course, does not explain the disparity in levels of client satisfaction. So, what is the answer? The difference comes down to design. Specifically, a company’s approach to service must be structured in a way that harnesses the collective efforts of the entire team, setting a sustainable standard that does not depend on the herculean efforts of only a few. What differentiates one platform from another is not only the people, but whether they are positioned and supported in a way that makes it possible for them to succeed.

When putting together Origami Risk’s business model, four central factors were identified as critical in building a company that has gone on to become the most successful platform in the industry, as measured by client satisfaction, client retention, growth, and awards. In fact, Origami has been recognized in recent years with over 20 awards for being one of the best places to work both in the insurance industry and across all industries, technology, and innovation, as well as service excellence.

Taken as a whole, these factors influence the environment in which members of your RMIS service team work. It’s environment that impacts the degree to which talented, experienced, and knowledgeable people are able to make use of the expertise they possess. It also serves as a statement on the value a provider puts on the success of its clients.

Hiring for experience, hiring for ability, hiring for fit

While recent years have seen rapid advancements in RMIS technology, the expanded role of risk professionals has led to more of a demand for support services that are more consultative in nature. Paradoxically, this has also been a period of time during which a number of RMIS providers, for one reason or another, have invested less in professional services. The result? Too much work assigned to too few. Burnout. High staff turnover. To stem the tide, inexperienced personnel are hired as replacements or support services are contracted out to offshore providers.

Origami Risk decided to do things differently, choosing instead to hire highly skilled professionals with backgrounds in the development and support of RMIS technology and/or a depth of risk, insurance, and claims knowledge. To identify, hire, and develop the next generation of RMIS professionals, Origami Risk also launched an internship program that draws from leading risk management programs at colleges and universities.

Fit is also critical. That means we focus on hiring people who are looking to take ownership of issues, display keen problem-solving ability, have the ability to work collaboratively, and possess an eagerness to learn and to share knowledge.

Taking advantage of technology to build for the future

A central component of Origami Risk’s business model involves the use of automation tools that allow us to fully leverage the experience of our employees while also building the next generation of experts from the ground up. Rather than overloading less experienced members of our service team with routine repeatable tasks (an approach that typically leads to a revolving door of inexperienced junior staff), these tools free up time for mentoring by working alongside more experienced, senior service team members.

Cooperation that contributes to the satisfaction of every single client

Because a focus on every clients’ business objectives and successful outcomes is at the center of the Origami Risk business model, incentives for our service team are based on overall client satisfaction rather than the success of individual “accounts.” Individual goals without shared incentives usually lead to turf wars and a “heads down” attitude. With our approach, if one client has a problem, everyone has a problem. In other words, Origami Risk rewards our colleagues for collaboration, sharing successful ideas, and helping one another resolve issues.

The freedom to do what one does best

An emphasis on hiring experienced individuals who take ownership and who thrive when solving problems for clients is wasted in a bureaucratic system of ticking boxes, sign-offs, and waiting for approvals. Like our approach to system implementations, the Origami Risk service model is different by design. Because we hire experts who have proven experience, your senior client executive has the authority to make the change you request. There’s no need to escalate an issue or schedule a meeting with their team lead to get permission. Instead, they roll up their sleeves and get to work.

Elevate to an expert level of service with Origami Risk

While everyone promotes the knowledge and expertise their service teams possess, there is a difference when it comes to the level of service you can expect from your RMIS provider.

We designed a different approach, one that builds upon a commitment to hire, equip, and incentivize members of our service team in a way that allows them to thrive and to excel as they focus on our clients’ business objectives and deliver successful outcomes.

Get in touch with us to learn more about how our approach can contribute to your success.