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During this unprecedented time, many of us find ourselves overwhelmed by a 24/7 news cycle focused exclusively on the COVID-19 pandemic. While an age of constant digital connectivity can certainly add to the level of anxiety we feel, it also provides us with a means of connection with our humanity in the form of stories about selfless acts of heroism, generosity, and kindness. In a bid to break the news cycle, we will be making an effort to regularly share the stories that lift our spirits in this difficult time.

Over the past weeks, Origami Risk employees (affectionately referred to as Origamians) have rallied around opportunities to give back, stay connected, and share reasons for celebration with one another—each of which we see as cause for celebration.

Our human compassion binds us the one to the other – not in pity or patronizingly but as human beings who have learnt how to turn our common suffering into hope for the future. - Nelson Mandela

How Origami(ans) Are Giving Back

Many Origamians have looked at their communities for ways they can make a difference. Volunteering time at local food banks, sewing masks and protective gear for hospitals, and organizing grassroots efforts to raise funds to purchase protective gear for frontline healthcare professionals are just a few examples of how employees are making a difference individually.

Together, employees have donated almost $14,000 in the last week to organizations battling coronavirus and helping those affected by it—the final sum of which Origami Risk will be matched 2:1. Through an initiative organized by Origami Cares, a committee of employees dedicated to Origami’s philanthropic outreach and volunteerism, Origamians chose between five organizations to apply their double match to:

How We’re Supporting Origamians

At Origami Risk, we recognize our privilege in being able to support a fully remote workforce during this unprecedented time. From Origami’s founding in 2009 until securing our first office space in late 2013, we have operated as a “remote” company. Even though approximately a third of our workforce still worked remotely pre-pandemic, recent events have thrown all of our employees into a new world of firsts—just as it has for everyone. As a continued investment in the belief that our people are a key differentiating factor in our organization, Origami has made additional efforts to support our employees to make full-time remote life and shelter-in-place orders a little more bearable.

Budgeting for electronic workplace accessories and snack boxes to be delivered straight to employees’ homes, ensuring employee assistance programs are readily available, and bi-weekly webinars with our CEO to provide regular updates and Q&A sessions are just a few ways we saw room to make meaningful improvements in our employees’ personal and professional lives.

How Origami is Supporting You

By supporting our colleagues, Origamians are better able to support our clients. In close collaboration with our clients, we’ve been able to understand the unique challenges presented by coronavirus and where Origami can provide solutions. Through our partnerships, we’ve developed real-world solutions to help mitigate, track, and measure exposure to COVID-19, which we highlighted in a recent webinar. As our work with clients continues, so will our pandemic-related solutions.

It’s part of our belief that during this time, the best thing and the right thing to do is to share knowledge and provide support to those around us. To learn more about our COVID-19 response, you can subscribe to our newsletter or reference our resources page.