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In this “Features in 5” post, we take a look at the versatile mobile functionality available as part of Origami Risk’s Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) solution suite and how it can play a role in fortifying your organization’s sustainable safety culture.

Actively engaging employees in the reporting of incidents, near misses, and hazards is a crucial element in building a healthy and sustainable safety culture. When employees can’t—or won’t—report issues, full ownership of safety is negatively impacted. Often standing in the way are one or more of the following factors: 

  • The belief that reporting issues is “someone else’s job”
  • Completing and submitting reports is overly complicated and time-consuming
  • Limited access to forms for reporting 
  • A reluctance to report issues due to a fear of retribution

Further compounding the problem is the view that reporting will not contribute to noticeable improvements. Even if false, such a belief can lead to its own fulfillment. For it is safety data that is necessary for the analysis that informs targeted actions and reduces workplace accidents and injuries.

With Origami Risk’s EHS solution suite, your organization can ensure employees are actively engaged in the collection of critical safety data. Accessible online and in the field from smartphone or tablet, EHS Mobile provides employees with access to the forms they need for reporting incidents, near misses, or hazards, as well as conducting audits and inspections. 

An effective and sustainable safety culture is a tremendous asset for any organization. With the EHS solution suite, your organization can make it easier to engage employees—in any location at any time—as it collects and acts on critical safety data.

In this brief video, you’ll get a glimpse of how easy it is to capture safety data using EHS Mobile.