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In this “Features in 5” post, we take a look at audits, inspections, and observations, as part of Origami Risk’s Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) solution suite, and how it can help teams maintain OSHA compliance and more.

Safety professionals have a lot to tackle all at once, so it’s hard to get complete control of all of your audit activities when you have outdated paper forms or legacy systems. With Origami’s Audit, Inspection, and Observation modules, you can establish process efficiency through automation and standardization of your most common audits in a centralized system. Having all of your data in one place electronically enables your team to be more productive and to better identify hazards, risks, and opportunities for improvement.

Origami’s EHS suite enables you to leverage over 30 standard checklists based on the most common inspections, industry best practices, and regulatory guidance (including OSHA and ISO) to get your safety program running quickly — and these lists can be easily tailored to your organization’s unique needs without any coding needed. All of these are accessible via web, mobile, and tablet.

Watch the video below for a glimpse of how easy it is to conduct audits, inspections, and observations in Origami.

Want to learn more about our audits and inspections modules? Take a look at how USC Fire leveraged Origami’s inspection module to improve efficiency and how Compass Group built out audits to drive their safety culture and reduce losses.