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Last week Origami Risk announced new developments in the continued evolution of our EHS solution suite. This includes expanded offerings in environmental compliance and chemical management — offerings designed to help EHS leaders stay compliant, reduce the risk of chemical and environmental hazards, and put systems in place that help their teams operate at maximum efficiency by leveraging automated workflows.

New EHS Wheel
                                                        High-level overview of Origami’s EHS offerings

Environmental & Regulatory Compliance Updates

In addition to functionality in compliance tasking and calendar, environmental assessments, and regulatory content integrations, Origami has also built out an environmental permitting solution. The benefit of creating and managing environmental permits electronically in Origami Risk means that organizations can search, filter, and track the status of permits in a single system. The solution also allows clients to set up notifications of expiry and renewals in order to ensure the timely completion of tasks and reduce the risks of falling out of environmental regulatory compliance, which could result in shutdowns, fines, and reputational damage.

EHS Environmental permit management
 Origami’s environmental offering includes environmental permit management, which allows tasks to be assigned to different users based on required permit activities.

Chemical Management Updates

Origami has added to its chemical management offering by building out functionality including:

  • The ability to request chemicals for use and approve them to ensure proper use, storage, and waste methods
  • Safety Data Sheet (SDS) management in a single, central electronic web and mobile system that includes the ability to store, upload, review, and approve SDSs
  • Chemical Profiles that capture key data such as CAS #, location, and chemical properties with the ability to advance search by area, CAS #, product name, and more
  • Inventory & Transactions for tracking chemical usage data across facilities to ensure regulatory reporting requirements are met

These features can help reduce administrative costs through task automation. They also help to drive visibility into workplace safety through the storage of data in a centralized, searchable system, ensuring proper hazard communication to various parties, and improving regulatory compliance. 

EHS Chemical dashboards
 Chemical dashboards help users visualize chemical status to better Identify and communicate potential hazards to relevant parties

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Want to find out more about how the Origami Risk EHS suite can help your organization maintain regulatory compliance and reduce environmental and chemical risks and hazards? Contact us to speak with someone on our team.