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Spectrum Health is an integrated health system, with an award-winning health plan, teams of nationally recognized doctors, and providers and a network of hospitals and care facilities in Southwest and West Michigan.

In this abbreviated case study, we take a look at four challenges Spectrum was able to solve through leveraging Origami's EHS solution and the outcomes they achieved.

Paper Processes

Challenge: Spectrum Health was using paper processes to track injuries and exposures for their SafetyPause Program. As a result, obtaining and tracking injury-specific data was extremely difficult with the information being fed into multiple software systems.

Solution: Their system provides single sign-on accessibility for all team members. This enables individual contributors across the system to easily access the incident reporting form through universal, standardized access to an intranet portal.

Outcome: Spectrum started seeing greater visibility of all safety events, more details on the injuries being incurred by team members across their organization, and generic safety concerns that were previously unable to be reported.

Incident Visibility

Challenge: Incidents and resolutions were neither immediately shared nor visible across the organization.

Solution: After a team member inputs an injury or exposure information into an easily accessible web form (based upon the safety event type), details are automatically shared with their primary and secondary uplines.

Outcome: Leadership is able to see when an injury occurs. Then, they’re able to respond and provide any resources to that team member, help support them, or guide the next steps.

Stakeholder Communication

Challenge: Communication with stakeholders was limited, impacting the ability for events to be managed by different departments or functions.

Solution: For all injuries and exposures, the system generates a PDF to Spectrum’s HR Integrated Disability Management team. This creates a conduit for a coordinated team effort and the proper conversations to occur. For instance, if it’s a particular type of exposure, such as blood and body fluid exposures, they are also looping in the occupational health services team to connect with the team member and provide guidance for completion of testing.

Outcome: Due to the SafetyPause program’s inclusive nature, each team member walks away feeling cared for and understanding that steps are being taken to prevent such events from happening again. By continuously doing this, Spectrum is improving its culture of safety, moving the needle more and more every single day.

Holistic Overview

Challenge: It was difficult to get a holistic overview of incidents and trends across Spectrum locations.

Solution: Dashboards are accessible to authorized Spectrum personnel. This allows for the tracking and trending of injuries and exposures for facilities, departments, and regions.

Outcome: Supports the organization’s ability to shift from reactive to proactive responses to potential issues.

To learn more about Origami's EHS suite and how it can help your organization overcome its safety challenges, visit our solution overview page or start a conversation with us.