Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation programs involve a complex set of intermingled challenges. Origami Risk offers an end-to-end workers’ compensation solution that can streamline workflow processes, improve benchmarking & analysis, and contribute to closing claims faster or even prevent them from occurring.

Capture Workers’ Comp Data

To positively impact workers’ compensation programs, you need access to quality data in the appropriate format to determine things like program drivers, coverage and claim details, employee data, and the list goes on depending on your role. Origami Risk streamlines how you collect, consolidate and standardize data from a variety of sources, creating opportunities for both insight and swift action.

  • Collect and report information on incidents immediately with mobile incident entry tools
  • Integrate systems with internal departments like HR and accounting to automatically collect and standardize real-time data from across the enterprise
  • Integrate with systems from third parties to capture broad industry data, like the Official Disability Guidelines, in one central repository that can quickly be referenced for comparison--without ever leaving Origami Risk
  • Receive automatic data updates at your desired frequency via a fast and powerful web-based platform to ensure you have real-time data at your disposal at all times

Workers’ Compensation Claims Adjudication and Management

Origami Risk offers an automated line of defense for tackling the many clerical challenges associated with managing and adjudicating workers’ compensation claims--from following up with injured workers to reporting worker injuries to third parties to making payments.

  • Collect incident data from mobile devices and pre-populate data in required fields.
  • Automatically alert others of claims, initiate next steps and assign accountability--helping to reduce further injury.
  • Automate regulatory reporting--minimizing mistakes from adjusters taxed with knowing regulations off hand.
  • Automate a variety of standard communications that can be triggered by rules-based decision making.

Workers’ Compensation Reporting Compliance

Automatically submit required claim and injury data to regulatory bodies and state and government entities from Origami Risk, where such data is already stored. Trust your data is secure in transit and at rest, and absolve your staff from the time-intensive task of keeping track of constantly changing regulations with technology that does it for them. Integrating systems not only makes reporting a low-to-no-touch process but can also improve compliance--helping organizations to avoid penalties and fines.

  • Origami Risk automatically identifies and submits claims that need to be reported for CMS 111, and then alerts you of developments or when additional information is needed.
  • Submit FROIs and SROIs from Origami Risk’s already inherently EDI-compliant technology, keeping your company from the hefty investment of being EDI compliant.
  • Fulfill OSHA’s electronic reporting requirements from a system where you’re already tracking incident and injury information and creating OSHA logs.

Workers’ Compensation Analytics

Uncover trends and identify problem claims with easy-to-understand analytics based on real-time, comprehensive data and automatic calculations. Realize correlations between injuries, locations, job roles and more.

  • Integrate your data with Official Disability Guidelines data to score claim severity, discern which claims require early intervention, and compare like claims to validate.
  • Dashboards provide intuitive and visual graphics.
  • Compare a single claim against similar claims, graphing results for a clear visual of where a claim stands.