Third Party System Integrations

When technology cooperates with other technology to accumulate and report the data you need, you benefit from capturing and transferring more accurate data in a more efficient manner. Origami Risk integrates with the existing and often disparate technology systems of our clients, their vendors or the regulatory bodies to which our clients report. This allows our customers to capture data in one location, in a standardized format, as well as report claims or other relevant data to claims or safety monitoring organizations—all with point and click or automatic processes. Our integration possibilities are endless, so if you don’t see an off-the-shelf integration capability you need, chances are we can find a way to create that capability for you. This is where our experienced team and flexible technology shine—evolving the technology to evolve with your business.

Regulatory Reporting Integrations

CMS 111

Automate the entire CMS 111 reporting process—streamlining how you exchange data with the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services, as well as improving the accuracy of your reports. Spend less time correcting errors, and safeguard against hefty financial penalties that might ensue from reporting mistakes.

First and Subsequent Reports of Injury

Relieve your organization from the clerical burdens associated with submitting first and subsequent reports of injuries (FROIs/SROIs), and being EDI compliant. With just one touch of a button, the EDI-compliant system will do everything from automatically generate FROI/SROI reports from claim records to submit compliant FROI/SROI reports to any applicable state.


Stay in compliance with OSHA Standards. Origami helps to automate the OSHA Reporting process by providing standard data collection and scheduled reporting (OHSA 300, 300a, & 301).

Benchmarking Integrations

Official Disability Guidelines

Origami Risk’s award-winning integration with the Work Loss Data Institute’s database of more than 10 million worker’s compensation claims—referred to as the Official Disability Guidelines—allows clients to benchmark their Origami Risk claim data against a wider data set for perspective on typical medical costs and treatment regiments for similar claims. Clients can do this in just a few clicks and without ever having to leave their Origami Risk claims management system. Simplified benchmarking typically means improved benchmarking—helping to drive consistent care, accurate forecasting and cost control.


Origami Risk allows you to benchmark your policies against Advisen’s database of more than 3 million insurance programs—all without ever leaving your RMIS. Origami Risk offers real-time integration with Advisen, the insurance industry’s largest independent source of program benchmark data, to enable users to benchmark limits, premiums and retentions relative to company and industry peers. Advisen’s benchmark contains more than 3 million insurance programs collected from more than 375,000 entities.

Third-Party Vendor Integration

Third-Party Vendor Integration

Origami Risk’s Data Import Center provides the ability to load and update data through dynamically created spreadsheets. Data can be manually loaded, or scheduled via secure FTP. For more complex integrations such as medical bills or accounting files, Origami Risk's batch processing tool allows for additional scheduling, encrypting and exception handling -- all within the Origami Risk application. Origami Risk allows you to easily integrate or report your claims activity to external sources including medical bill providers, HR systems, accounting and payroll applications, nurse case management and more.