Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

Origami Risk streamlines the tasks, notifications and measurements associated with your ERM program. Instead of manually sending spreadsheets and then tracking down responses, use our workflow tools to complete those tasks in much less time. Since all of your risk assessments reside in one place, you can standardize your risk and exposure data for better analysis and reporting and easily track your progress on high-risk exposures across multiple years.

Identify and Rate Risks

Origami Risk allows you to identify and rate risks:

  • Quickly import your existing risk register
  • Easily measure each risk
  • Classify risks into categories
  • Decide where to focus
  • Measure risks cumulatively or on average

Reports and Analysis

Origami Risk has a full suite of dashboards to display your heat maps, bubble charts and risk exposure values. Visualize the potential severity of a risk before and after risk treatment. You can then export your results into a spreadsheet or reports to share with your executive team.

Automate Collection, Rating and Action Plans

Origami Risk makes communicating and tracking action items easy:

  • Communication templates
  • On-screen progress charts
  • Complete notification workflow
  • Action plan assignment with instructions and due dates