Data Processing

Origami Risk excels at keeping your data consistent and mapping it to all the right places. This helps to ensure critical analysis and reporting efforts are based on reliable data points and relationships.

On-target analysis and reporting

If data isn’t consistent or loaded into the appropriate location within a system, then the analysis you rely on will likely be of little value. That’s why Origami Risk offers intuitive, client-defined data exception and validation tools. Users create rules for how data must be collected and establish relationships between different sets of data. This helps protect against the collection of incomplete information or the comparison of conflicting results that often lead to skewed analysis or incorrect reporting.

User Empowered

Our simple on-screen tools allow your team’s system administrators to create data validations and exceptions as they see fit--with or without the help of the Origami team, depending on their comfort levels. This level of user-control both saves time and helps to further ensure the right information is being collected, properly routed and then accurately analyzed or responded to.