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Innovative technology designed and supported by industry experts – for identifying, managing, and reducing risk.

Integrated Loss Control and Safety Solutions

Eliminate the silos of risk and safety data that all-too-often exist within organizations, regardless of industry. With Origami Risk, take advantage of platform flexibility and award-winning solutions to centralize data in a fully integrated, cloud-based system. Leverage powerful reporting functionality to analyze data, identify trends, and take informed, strategic actions that demonstrably improve safety and prevent losses.

Incident Intake and Management

Use Origami Risk’s configurable incident intake system to streamline the collection of accident and near miss data. With online or mobile access to customized, interview-style forms, users can quickly and accurately enter incident details. This data can be used to drive a wide array of workflow actions, including root cause analysis and accident investigation assignment.

Safety Audits and Investigations

Create custom safety audits and investigations to reinforce safe workplace behavior and promote a culture of safety throughout the organization. Grant direct access using custom portal functionality to encourage timely completion. Allow respondents to attach photographs, videos, and other supplemental documentation. Automate the assignment of corrective actions based on responses and scoring.

Analytics and Reporting

With incident, claims, and safety data in a single system, use dashboards, reports, and graphs to gain actionable insight into the effectiveness of safety and loss control programs. Identify trends, refine preventative strategies, and demonstrate program success to executive sponsors.

Online and Mobile Functionality

When setting up incident intake forms or safety audits, create online and mobile forms for specific locations, audit groups, or roles. Users can capture data using online forms in any browser. For onsite intake, mobile forms can be downloaded to a standalone app available for iOS, Android, and Microsoft devices.

Automated Workflows

Origami Risk’s automated workflow tools can be configured to streamline virtually any process related to safety and loss control programs. Reduce administrative overhead and foster greater accountability with automated notifications, tasks, and reminders, sent via email or displayed upon system login.

OSHA Compliance & Reporting

Origami Risk supports the most recent OSHA requirements for the annual reporting of injury and illness information via the agency’s Injury Tracking Application. Define OSHA reporting establishments in Origami Risk manually or import from spreadsheets. Prior to generating 300a, 300, or 301 files in the OSHA mandated format for upload, use an in-system tool to validate the OSHA reportable data and reporting establishment details.

Safety Task Management

Drive accountability and ensure safety projects and related tasks stay on track using automated workflows and contacts stored within the system that allow for the quick distribution of required information. Customize dashboards by role to display an individual’s assigned tasks, tasks assigned to a supervisor’s team members, or a high-level view of all completed, past due, and upcoming tasks.

Training and Certifications Compliance

Use Origami Risk to track training and certification programs for your employees and third-party vendors. Reduce the administrative overhead associated with compliance by automating renewal reminders and follow-ups. With training and certification data in the same system as incidents, claims, and audit data, dashboards and reports provide insight into the effectiveness of training on accident frequency and severity.