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Right now, “upheaval” best describes the insurance industry.

From COVID-19 and natural disasters to new competitors, compliance, and P&C core systems — the impact that these things are having on insurance professionals, processes, and technology is unprecedented. But instead of separating the claim from risk management, now's the time to weld them together. In this on-demand webinar, Origami Risk and featured speaker Forrester offer their take on core claims administration including:

  • How risk is changing and what that means for claims
  • Why it's time to look at the claim through four different lenses
  • What it takes to deliver now on the claim experience

This on-demand webinar will be hosted by Origami Risk’s Scott Plummer, Market Strategy Leader - Claims Administration, with featured speaker Ellen Carney, Principal Analyst, of Forrester and feature an extended live Q&A session.