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As a healthcare risk or safety manager, you’re tracking a lot of data but it may be difficult to understand what the data is telling you - where the problems are and where you need to dig deeper.   In order to do this, the data must be normalized using value ratios which is tedious and time-consuming to do manually.

Origami Risk simplifies the creation and application of ratio formulas for calculating, tracking, and benchmarking key data metrics. In this short, on-demand video demonstration, you’ll see how our Best in KLAS award-winning healthcare risk, safety, and compliance solution can be used to:

• Quickly set up and apply ratio formulas such as Patient Falls Per 1000 Patient Days, Adverse Events Per 100 Admissions, Workers Comp Claims Per 100,000 Employees, and many others

• Schedule automatic updates for refreshing data

• Configure dashboard widgets that display values, rates, and measures in easy-to-read, interactive charts and graphs

• Dig deeper into problem areas by leveraging additional integrated Root Cause Analysis (RCA) and Healthcare Failure Mode & Effects Analysis (HFMEA) tools in our single-platform solution