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Predictive analytics is more than just a buzzword. But how can risk pools take this ever-growing trend and apply it to their operations in a meaningful way? In this webinar, you will see how to: 
  • Drive efficiencies in workers’ compensation and casualty underwriting and claims adjusting processes
  • Properly integrate predictions into your claims and policy systems to provide seamless automation and powerful decision support
  • Help Risk Pools, Insurers, TPAs, and self-insured organizations enhance member experience by streamlining underwriting and claims processes, mitigate the impact of litigation on claim costs, improve outcomes for injured workers, reduce claim costs, and enhance overall performance and profitability

This on-demand webinar will feature an extended live Q&A and is co-hosted by Origami Risk’s Stephen Sandberg (VP Sales, Core Division) and Gradient AI’s Joe Gould (Sales Executive).