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Today’s rapidly evolving healthcare environment demands more from safety, risk, and compliance professionals than ever before. With complex, interconnected risks that affect multiple departments, a more unified response is required for healthcare organizations to produce actionable risk intelligence. Simply put, the current climate is demanding we become more connected. So why shouldn’t risk, safety, and compliance functions match pace?

View Origami Risk’s Anooja Cannon and Bill Schwacke for this 60-minute webinar: “An Integrated Approach to Healthcare Safety, Risk, and Compliance Management.” The presenters will explain what an integrated approach to risk management means and share the importance of an integrated risk management framework for healthcare organizations.

By the conclusion of this program, participants will:

  • Know the current state of risk management in the healthcare industry
  • Understand the critical importance of an integrated risk management approach and what it exactly means
  • Learn how other industries are incorporating integrated risk management and hear specific examples
  • See how proactive risk mitigation strategies reduce administrative burden and support unified responses to interconnected risks
  • Be equipped with the knowledge and tools to apply integrated risk management today

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