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A good workers’ comp claim adjuster is a master of coordination. Managing 100-125 open claims certainly stands as proof. Yet, caseloads alone hardly tell the complete story.

For newly assigned claims, information must be collected from the employee, employer, and medical provider. Reserves must be established and reviewed for accuracy. There’s regular follow up with claimants, nurse case managers, attorneys, and other stakeholders. Compensability reviews. Evaluation of settlement opportunities. Mediations to attend. And that only begins to scratch the surface.

Yet according to the Accenture white paper “Claims at a Crossroads,” claims professionals can “spend nearly half their day on activities that do not impact the outcome of the claim.” While those administrative activities may be necessary components of the process, that time is better spent engaged in activities—such as those cited above—that fully leverage the adjuster’s talent and experience, keep claims moving on the path toward successful resolution, and increase the likelihood of outcomes that benefit both employee and employer.

Origami Compliance can help. Regardless of the claims management system your organization uses, Origami Compliance provides a suite of solutions that equip adjusters with tools for increasing efficiency and saving time in the performance of daily, compliance-related tasks.

Streamline adjuster’s access to workers’ comp rules, rates, and regulations

Workers’ Compensation Search is one part of the Origami Compliance suite of solutions—a tool that reduces the amount of time adjusters spend looking for information by providing adjusters with the ability to quickly search across an indexed library of more than 9,000 workers’ comp rules, rates, and regulations.

Because the library is kept up-to-date by a team of compliance experts, adjusters can know that they’re always relying on the most recent version. The solution can even be tailored to give adjusters immediate, in-system access to your organization’s proprietary content, such as claims handling instructions and best-practices guidelines.

Workers’ Compensation Search is a standalone offering that can be seamlessly integrated via a secure API with Origami Risk, in-house systems, or third-party claims management software. Highly configurable, the solution’s interface can be configured to match the appearance of your organization’s claim system.

Integrated, up-to-date, and right at adjusters’ fingertips

Workers’ Compensation Search is easy to access and easy to use. With just a click, an adjuster opens the solution, enters a keyword or phrase, and specifies jurisdictions.

Upon submitting search criteria, a list of matching results is immediately returned. If the adjuster performing the search needs more information, a direct link to the source is provided.

Upon clicking the link, the applicable source is immediately made available.

Time better spent

Busy adjusters have better ways to spend their time. Worker’s Compensation Search is the Origami Compliance solution that eliminates the need to search for information buried deep in pages and sub-pages of state websites. Time saved means more time to focus on the activities that drive results. Masters of coordination, your adjusters will know just what to do with it.