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“The Roundup” is Origami Risk’s weekly bulletin of headlines and resources impacting risk, compliance, safety, P&C insurance, and healthcare.

Mon, June 6 | More Needs to Be Done to Prevent Hazardous Workplaces 

AFL-CIO 2022 states there are almost 3.2 million work-related injuries with a job fatality rate of 3.4 per 100,000 workers and that more needs to be done to ensure safety. Read for the recommendations that should be implemented. (Continue reading) 

Tues, June 7 | Inflation hits property catastrophe reinsurance renewals 

Concerns over inflation and reduced property catastrophe capacity made June 1 reinsurance renewals difficult and protracted, with many ceding insurers facing double-digit rate increases. (Continue reading) 

Wed, June 8  | Tech firms selling insurance: ‘Do you want fries with that?’ 

As giant tech companies like Tesla and Amazon enter the insurance space, how seriously should we take them? Will these companies start to take large chunks of business, or will this perhaps usher in a new era of partnerships? (Continue reading) 

Wed, June 8 | The reasons it's so hard to insure cryptocurrency operations 

While businesses and investors jump headfirst into cryptocurrency, insuring the risks involved is no simple task. Unfortunately, players in the market — whether they are banks, investors, or other entities in the crypto business — are discovering that finding insurance isn’t easy. (Continue reading) 

Thurs, June 9 | Workers Compensation Catastrophes: Past, Present, and Future 

This article examines the reflection of catastrophic losses in the rate-making process, as well as NCCI’s catastrophe provision filed and approved in many states. (Continue reading)  

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