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“The Roundup” is Origami Risk’s bi-weekly bulletin of headlines and resources impacting the risk, compliance, safety, P&C insurance, and healthcare industries.

Mon, Aug 16 | UnitedHealthcare loses Medicare Advantage overpayment suit

A federal appeals court ruled against UnitedHealthcare, subsequently reversing a 2018 decision overturning Medicare’s overpayment rule that required insurers to “refund reimbursement to CMS within 60 days if learning a diagnosis lacks medical record support.” (Continue reading)

Mon, Aug 16 | FDIC Announces Tech Sprint Focused on Operational Resiliency

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) is conducting a “tech sprint” to evaluate how well banks are able to withstand major disruptions like natural disasters and cyber incidents. (Continue Reading)

Tue, Aug 17 | Google Cloud: Cloud Adoption is Increasing in FS, but More Guidance is Needed From Regulators

The findings from a global survey on cloud adoption in financial services, conducted by Google Cloud, found that “83% of surveyed financial services companies report they are deploying cloud technology as part of their primary computing infrastructure.” (Continue reading)

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Tue, Aug 17 | Insurer Isn't Required To Cover $30M Philly Balcony Collapse

Due to their policy containing an employer’s liability exclusion, a Pennsylvania federal judge ruled that Security National Insurance Co. is absolved of any responsibility to pay settlement amounts from a construction accident that left two workers “seriously injured.” (Continue reading)

Tue, Aug 17 | 2 in 3 Healthcare Consumers Report Bad Patient Experience

According to a new report from Accenture, only one-third of patients report not having a bad experience with an external provider, hospital, or pharmacy. Data suggests “a more empathetic patient-provider interaction that meets patient emotional needs could prevent a bad experience.” (Continue reading)

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Wed, Aug 18 | Healthcare Industry’s Compliance With OSHA ETS Now Required

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has expanded its COVID-19 emergency temporary standards (ETS) to require compliance from healthcare services and healthcare support services. (Continue reading)

Fri, Aug 20 | Talent crisis will drive change in insurance

According to results from a self-assessment “designed to evaluate companies’ digital maturity,” insurance companies lag behind other industries in “culture, agility, testing and learning, collaboration and external orientation.” (Continue reading)

Mon, Aug 23 | Court declines to dismiss business interruption case

In a decision that could potentially have a national impact, an Illinois court “refused to dismiss a COVID-19 business interruption lawsuit” filed against CNA Financial Corp. According to the court, the plaintiffs alleged that “the virus caused the direct physical loss or damage that is required for coverage under the policy.” (Continue reading)

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Tue, Aug 24 | Legacy claims systems hamper take up of communications tech

According to a survey of 337 industry leaders, the industry’s older claims management systems are “holding back widespread adoption of newer technologies designed to improve communication with injured workers.” (Continue reading)

Tue, Aug 24 | Amazon Sets Ambitious Safety Plans

According to a letter to stakeholders, Jeff Bezos announced that Amazon will invest more than “$300 million into safety projects, including an initial $66 million to create technology that will help prevent collisions of forklifts and other types of industrial vehicles.” (Continue reading)

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Wed, Aug 25 | OSHA Calls on Employers to Help Stem Surge in Construction Worker Suicides

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has “formed a task force […] to raise awareness of the types of stress that can push construction workers into depression and toward suicide.” The task force is calling on the industry to take part in a Suicide Prevention Safety Stand-Down, September 6-10, to raise awareness about the unique challenges construction workers face. (Continue reading)

Wed, Aug 25 | Lemonade hit with class action alleging privacy violations

Lemonade Inc., an AI-powered renters, homeowners, pet, and term life insurance company, has been hit with a privacy class action lawsuit over it’s “alleged collection and use of biometric data.” (Continue reading)

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