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“The Roundup” is Origami Risk’s weekly bulletin of headlines and resources impacting risk, compliance, safety, P&C insurance, and healthcare.

Mon, Aug 22 | More private insurers may look to fill flood insurance gap 

Hundreds of thousands of homeowners have abandoned flood insurance since the government revamped the federal coverage guidelines late last year, but the door may be opening for more private insurers to fill the growing gap. (continue reading

Mon, Aug 22 | Home warranty vs. home insurance: What's the difference? 

Both offer the owner (and, in the case of insurance, also the lender) protection and security for when things go wrong. However, they differ and only one is mandated by the mortgage lender. (continue reading

Tues, Aug 23 | Preparing Financially, Before the Storm Hits 

With the cost and frequency of weather-driven disasters on the rise, girding your financial house for such a catastrophe — to the extent that you’re able — is increasingly crucial in parts of the country. (continue reading) 

Tues, Aug 23 | How The Rich Use Insurance to Pass Down Wealth 

Life insurance companies will only make a payout to the beneficiaries after the last survivor passes away. We’ll explore what a second-to-die insurance policy is and what to consider before jumping into this life insurance product. (continue reading) 

Thurs, Aug 25 | One of Florida's largest home insurance companies is leaving the state 

Another insurance company announced it would be leaving the state of Florida. The parent company, United Insurance Holdings Corp., announced that United Property & Casualty Insurance Company (also known as United P&C or UPC Insurance) has filed plans to withdraw from Florida, Texas, Louisiana and New York. (continue reading) 

Thurs, Aug 25 | Weather Whiplash: Summer Lurches From Drought to Flood 

Parts of northern Texas, mired in a drought labeled as extreme and exceptional, are flooding under torrential rain. In a drought. (continue reading) 

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