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Fri, 09/29/2017 - 10:36
According to the Aberdeen Group research report “Simplifying the Audit and Inspection Process to Improve Safety”, companies using best-in-class audit procedures saw a 13% decrease in regulation citations, while all others saw a 1% increase. Origami Risk's audit solution addresses key challenges identified in the research and provides users with the tools required to realize success.

Ease of Use

Nearly all (98%) of best-in-class companies surveyed for the report completed safety audit action items on time. With an audit process that's onerous or overly complicated, participation rates drop. To compound the issue, valuable time is then often spent following-up with stakeholders—whether it be to send reminders of approaching due-date, to request submission of overdue audit responses, or to verify that corrective actions are complete.

A well-designed process that takes into account ease of access and drives stakeholder accountability can go a long way to ensuring timely responses and high completion rates. Providing designated personnel with direct access to audit items using Origami Risk’s custom portal functionality allows for both simplified intake of audit data and documentation of any required corrective actions. The ability to set up automated notifications, task assignment, and reminders—sent via email or displayed on a dashboard upon system login—reduces administrative overhead, fosters accountability on the part of stakeholders, and, by streamlining the process, increases the likelihood of timely audit item completion.


Best-in-class companies are two times more likely than their peers to use mobile devices for safety inspections. With Origami Risk, both online and mobile forms can be configured for specific locations, audit groups, or roles. From any internet browser, respondents can capture audit data using online forms. For inspections  performed on-site or in remote locations, mobile forms created in Origami Risk can be downloaded for offline data collection using the standalone Origami Risk app that is available for iOS, Android, and Microsoft devices.


Ensuring that everyone follows the same approach for audit and inspection was cited as key for companies in “winning the battle” for consistent, cross-functional data. With standardized scoring/scales, mobile forms that are easily configured, and centralized audit management, Origami Risk tames the unpredictable nature of audit collection. Get everyone on the same page, and ensure standardized data across the organization.

Reporting and Analytics

Converting audit response data into action is critical to a successful audit and inspection process. The configuration of role-specific dashboards in Origami Risk makes it possible to highlight and compare audit results and monitor the status of follow-up activities. Create reports by location, business unit, safety initiative, or any other entity. Set rules to send automatic emails when specific conditions are triggered. Track completion rates, lag times, and progress on corrective actions to ensure audit data turns into action.

Best-in-Class Highlights for Safety Audits:

  • Automate your audit process (best-in-class are 54% more likely to automate)
  • Utilize mobile forms (best in class 2X more likely to use mobile)
  • Streamline the process (best-in-class were on time 98%)

A key takeaway is that if the audit process is cumbersome or tedious, it will be avoided. Audit and workflow tools in Origami Risk can help as you work to simplify your approach to audits and inspections. From automating the email process, to customized portals and weighted audit scoring, to mobile forms, our solutions can be tailored to meet any organizational structure and requirements.

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