Built for Speed

Origami Risk is built to be fast. Very fast. Many clients spend the majority of their workday in the platform, and the speed of their RMIS is critical to their performance and efficiency. It doesn’t matter if the task at hand is to generate a complex loss triangle, or to simply view COPE data on a property — Origami Risk is built to respond.

Code Efficiency

Many RMIS platforms release new and improved products that are nothing more than modern user interfaces sitting on top of old and ineffcient source code, often preventing them from operating at a reasonable speed. Origami Risk is built utilizing an agile software development lifecycle with the highest coding standards available, allowing it to process data and user input efficiently and quickly Origami also employs several tools to ensure that its source code does not conflict, including database analysis tools which point out the exact source of any processing bottlenecks.


Origami Risk continually works to be the best RMIS provider in the world. We don’t strive to be the best data center operator in the world. We select business partners that are the best at what they do, and have invested far more capital and knowledge into the security of our clients’ data that any RMIS provider could ever accomplish. Amazon Web Services (AWS) serves as the operating environment for Origami Risk, providing the ability to clearly view any performance needs and instantaneously adjust processing or memory capacity. By utilizing the AWS East-West environment as primary and redundant (backup) operating environments, Origami Risk has a number of tools at its disposal that can rapidly identify and adjust infrastructure performance.


Origami Risk’s infrastructure is designed to manage any potential issues prior to them causing a degradation of system response time. By consistently measuring the user load on the environment, response time of each user click and processing and memory capacity, Origami Risk is able to identify and stay ahead of anything affecting system speed. A few of the tools employed are:

  • New Relic: an application performance management and monitoring tool that provides real time visibility of the performance of Origami Risk, and can pinpoint any potential issues – down to the specific line of code
  • Stackdriver – infrastructure level performance management is a critical component to the performance of Origami Risk, and Stackdriver gives a clear view of the precise utilization of each component, providing monitoring and alerts around the clock.
  • Database Analyzer – the majority of performance problems for modern websites are found within the database. SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer continually monitors the execution of source code and providing alerts in order to draw attention to any ineffective processes or code.